Error-free conversion of Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST

Converting Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST is a laborious task and requires extensive time to be completed. Moreover, in the absence of a conversion tool it becomes all the more time consuming. The horrors of converting the files manually can be felt even more when the database is larger in size. Thereby, using the service of an Outlook to Thunderbird migration tool becomes inevitable.

Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

Thunderbird to Outlook conversion is gnarly and can leave the user frustrated. Mail Extractor Pro, a Thunderbird to Outlook migration tool, provides for the email conversion from MBOX to PST. And the whole experience of using this tool to convert the email files is pleasant to say the least. There are many aspects of this tool that have been purposely integrated from the point of view of user’s comfort.

Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

A glance at the following description of some of these features will provide further clarity:-

Converts Everything:

From a user’s perspective, inclusion of every element in the converted files is of utmost importance. These elements namely attachments, nested messages, timestamps, etc. are the essence of these mails and thereby should be present in the converted files too. Mail Extractor Pro ensures that these elements remain intact in the converted files too.

Conversion of Non-English content:

For users with content in non-English languages, there is good news as this MBOX to PST converter has the capability of converting double-byte characters as well.

No re-organization:

This MBOX to PST converter promises the conversions to be absolute. Alongside converting every element of the email files, this tool ensures preservation of the folder hierarchy structure. That means once the files are converted from Outlook PST to Thunderbird, there will be absolutely no re-work required thereafter.

Bulk conversion and auto-load options:

Batch conversions help in saving the time of the user. Further, if a large database can be uploaded automatically then the involvement of the user in the entire MBOX to PST conversion process gets reduced drastically.

Safe, secure, steady, and swift conversions:

The conversions are safe from every angle and the converted files are on point. The files, regardless of the size, get converted in a flash.

User-friendly user interface:

Much of the stress of the user gets eliminated with a simplified user-interface. The GUI of this Outlook to Thunderbird migration tool is a one page set-up making it easier for the users to comprehend. The navigation through different options is also quite simple.

Round the clock customer care:

Although, this Thunderbird to PST migration tool has got it all covered, yet if a user were to get stuck at any point then the 24*7 customer service agents will be happy to help.

The tool will help in converting the Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST files perfectly. There is no scope of error with this technologically driven product. To start using this tool, once can download the free trial version at first. Only after contentment should the user move past to investing into the full version of this tool.