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Murder in the Alps Hack Cheats Unlimited Energy Murder in the Alps is another popular fully interactive crime novel game. This game allows you to travel back to 1930s to solve murder and espionage crimes takes place in the Alps. When you start investigating hidden secrets, you have to search for many clues carefully before you are successful. Once you star to play the game, you will find that it is not always the easiest thing to solve problems and find hidden objects in this game. So we recommend you read the following Murder in the Alps Cheats and Tips firstly.

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As the competition progresses, you will visit many unique places and people. To make sure you remember every details of the mysterious characters, you should replay as many scenes as possible. When you play this scene over and over again, you will be more likely to remember hidden objects. Another peculiarity of Murder in the Alps is that you have to pay close attention to the order of rewards items when you tap them. Not like other mobile games’ reward system, this will reward you with the integral multiplier in some items. It means that you have to first click on a fractional multiplier item, then move to an item with a higher fractional multiplier, and so on, until you reach the item with the highest fractional multiplier.

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As time goes on, you will find you do not have enough energy to proceed the game progress. So you need to pay close attention to the energy menu and complete the puzzle as far as you can. Once you complete the task, you will get some energy as a reward. More energy means more chances for success in solving the crime cases. So you should get energy as much as you can and as soon as possible. The fast and easy way to get lots of energy is to us below Murder in the Alps Hack Mod Tool. Once you try this tool, you will be surprised by what it can do.

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I clearly have not given enough attention to the moderation this instance needs, and that is an issue. We are now overrrun with tech reviewers, and its a crapshoot. Open registration was clearly a mistake.

If you have stuff you like on here, download it. This site is going down. I may reopen it int he future, with closed registration, but for now, I'm getting rid of it.


from Softaken Lotus Notes to Outlook Application Reviews- Pros, Cons & Pricing of Softaken NSF to PST Converter

Softaken NSF to PST is a tool for corporate as well as small offices looking for the best way to convert Lotus Notes to MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, to Thunderbird, Lotus Notes to Mac Mail and multiple other platforms.  During migration, the program retains the folder hierarchy and also transfers attachments. Conversion control is in your hand. You can convert either whole data or selected ones safely. It converts accessible NSF files. The tool is lightweight. It downloads in your system without making any change its functions. It doesn't need installation of MS Outlook to perform NSF to PST, but Lotus Notes should be pre-installed. The software free trial for 30 days is available to download today. The prime difference between the free and paid versions of Softaken Lotus Notes to Outlook is that their capacity of conversion. The demo version converts a limited number of items from each folder whereas the paid version converts the entire databases.


Scores or Ratings of Softaken NSF to PST

It has got 4.6 average ratings out of 5 which is not bad at all.


Requirements to Install the App

System Requirements- Any Pentium class

Operating Systems- Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Memory- 512 MB minimum

Hard Disk Space- 100 MB free space for installation

Language support- English

24-hour technical support from Softaken Technical team

Free Technical support for 1 Year

Free updates for 1 Year

License validity- Lifetime

Pricing of The Software


Softaken offers three versions of NSF to PST Converter and the price of each conversion is different.

Individual License- $99 after discount

Business License- $299 after discount

Enterprise License- $999 after discount


Note: The individual version can operate in two systems. The Business version is for multiple users at a single location. The Enterprise version is for multiple users at multiple locations. Decide which one is well suitable for you.


User Interface

NSF to PST Converter is a really simple User Interface. You have 3 Steps to Convert NSF file to PST file format, you will see the software interface as shown below:


The user interface contains a small window:

 Click "Browse" to select NSF file

The next window appears as shown below:


Click "Export" and then a new window is opened. The preview is shown below:


Select "Export type" file format such as PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX and MSG etc.

"Select options" as selected folders or complete NSF file.

Tick checkbox "ignore empty folders" By default it is ticked.

Click "Browse" to select a suitable location for the output file.

Click "Convert now" and the conversion process starts.


Prominent Key Features of Softaken Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter

  • Convert NSF to PST
  • Convert NSF to MSG
  • Convert NSF to EML
  • Convert NSF to MBOX
  • Preview of the uploaded file
  • MS Outlook doesn't require
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems
  • Convert Entire folders of NSF
  • Convert selected folders of NSF
  • Optional feature to ignore empty folders



The Lotus Notes to Outlook converter gives users control in conversion results with its advanced file filter feature. Users can upload and export filtered NSF files. Moreover, the uploaded NSF file can be exported entirely or selected folders only. For example, if you are looking to export contacts and calendars, click 'select folders' option to export only the required data.


The converter allows users to export NSF to multiple platforms. If you are looking for the way to convert Lotus Notes to Apple Mail, you don't need to go far. The one tool has multiple conversion solutions. It supports NSF to EML and NSF to MBOX file formats.


The tool has 'a "Preview Pane" which features the whole data of the uploaded NSF file. The left corner shows all the folders it holds, the mid pane shows items in each folder and the right pane shows the content of each item. Thus, it is easy to know which folders you want to export from the targeted file.


The interactive interface is a prime feature of the app. Unlike manual methods of conversion, the third app supports conversion of entire emails, contacts, events, journals, and other data at a time. It is easy to operate, needs less technical help.



  • The software supports conversion of healthy NSF files
  • It exports one NSF file at a time




Overall, the Lotus Notes to Outlook application review focuses that it is a dedicated application for personal and professional purpose. The utility is safe to install in your Windows system. It is lightweight and has been designed to feet your expectations of fast and smooth conversion.


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from Emily Keator

Converting Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST is a laborious task and requires extensive time to be completed. Moreover, in the absence of a conversion tool it becomes all the more time consuming. The horrors of converting the files manually can be felt even more when the database is larger in size. Thereby, using the service of an Outlook to Thunderbird migration tool becomes inevitable.

Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

Thunderbird to Outlook conversion is gnarly and can leave the user frustrated. Mail Extractor Pro, a Thunderbird to Outlook migration tool, provides for the email conversion from MBOX to PST. And the whole experience of using this tool to convert the email files is pleasant to say the least. There are many aspects of this tool that have been purposely integrated from the point of view of user’s comfort.

Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

A glance at the following description of some of these features will provide further clarity:-

Converts Everything:

From a user’s perspective, inclusion of every element in the converted files is of utmost importance. These elements namely attachments, nested messages, timestamps, etc. are the essence of these mails and thereby should be present in the converted files too. Mail Extractor Pro ensures that these elements remain intact in the converted files too.

Conversion of Non-English content:

For users with content in non-English languages, there is good news as this MBOX to PST converter has the capability of converting double-byte characters as well.

No re-organization:

This MBOX to PST converter promises the conversions to be absolute. Alongside converting every element of the email files, this tool ensures preservation of the folder hierarchy structure. That means once the files are converted from Outlook PST to Thunderbird, there will be absolutely no re-work required thereafter.

Bulk conversion and auto-load options:

Batch conversions help in saving the time of the user. Further, if a large database can be uploaded automatically then the involvement of the user in the entire MBOX to PST conversion process gets reduced drastically.

Safe, secure, steady, and swift conversions:

The conversions are safe from every angle and the converted files are on point. The files, regardless of the size, get converted in a flash.

User-friendly user interface:

Much of the stress of the user gets eliminated with a simplified user-interface. The GUI of this Outlook to Thunderbird migration tool is a one page set-up making it easier for the users to comprehend. The navigation through different options is also quite simple.

Round the clock customer care:

Although, this Thunderbird to PST migration tool has got it all covered, yet if a user were to get stuck at any point then the 24*7 customer service agents will be happy to help.

The tool will help in converting the Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST files perfectly. There is no scope of error with this technologically driven product. To start using this tool, once can download the free trial version at first. Only after contentment should the user move past to investing into the full version of this tool.