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from Mission Control

CW: Mental Health

I blew it up is what happened.

One minute I'm editing the config file in nano to update the blocklist (bad way to ban instances, imho. Pleroma devs might want to look at that), the next the damn thing won't start. The service I mean. I spent two hours trying to get it running again, but I couldn't. No idea what I did wrong.

I then called off work, because of a panic attack that ensued.

Overall, the instance, while fun, has been a nightmare for my limited technical skills. I enjoyed running it while I could, but I'm gonna pull back and focus on this write freely instance, which uses managed hosting.

I'll be making a new account on a new instance for the fiftieth time, but I hope that this time I will stick with it.

If you were on the instance, I'm sorry I couldn't reach out to you to tell you this any other way. I want to apologize deeply to all of you. I loved being your mod, but I can't handle it anymore. I wish you all luck, and i hope to see you on the fediverse again.


from agosto182

Buen dia compañeros. Quiero dar anuncio al fin de este nodo GNUSocial. Que si bien lleva mas de 6 meses activo, parece que la comunidad ya no esta mas interesada en GNUSocial. Este sera el ultimo mes para este nodo. Por lo que he decidido cambiarme a otro nodo y ahi apoyar el gasto del servidor.

Despues de este tiempo a pesar de ser un modo totalmente gratuito y abierto a la comunidad parece que no ha llamado la atencion a los usuarios del fediverso. Ya que en realidad Mastodon se interpone por mucho ante todas las redes de la federacion.

Por ello quiero anunciar el retiro de este nodo que durara solo un mes mas finalizando el 15 de Mayo de este año.

Aprendi mucho llevando mi nodo a cabo y se siente muy bien poder interactuar desde un nodo que manejas tu mismo. Sin embargo tratar de mantener un proyecto sin apoyo ni desarrollo (como gnusocial) es una tarea algo complicada.


La cuenta p2play (Peertube para android). Sera movida al igual a otro nodo. Aunque probablemente los bots como Aristegui noticias, revista Proceso y otros desaparescan.

Me retiro a un nuevo nodo. Probablemente alguno con poco apoyo para que esta pueda mantenerse mas tiempo.

Saludos a toda la comunidad. – Agosto182


from Mission Control

I met a skeleton, coming down the road. It was not yet bleached white by the sun, but was instead the sickly yellow-brown of the freshly arisen. It's clothes hung loosely off it's body, covered in grave dirt, and it shambled forward to an unknown purpose.

Many folks, seeing such a sight, would be inclined to run from the skeleton. Buit I am a traveling exorcist, well acquainted with the wandering dead, and charged with putting them to rest if I can.

“Ho there!” I said to the figure. “What keeps you bound to this mortal coil. Perhaps I can be of assis—”

“Piss off!” Shouted the skeleton.

I blinked. “I'm sorry?” I said.

“I said, piss off! Can't you hear?” said the skeleton.

“I was merely trying to—”

“Did I ask for your help?”

“Well, no—”

“Then why you still talking to me? you fleshbags are all the same, either running and screaming or 'oh poor tortured soul,' and I'm just trying to go on my way!”

“Well, I'm sorry—”

“Oh, you're sorry, are ya? Oh, now I'm supposed to feel sorry for some stupid fleshbag? We supposed to kiss and make up, that it? I tell you...”

The skeleton went on like this for a while. After a time, I got fed up with its rambling, and with a good right hook, sent it's skull flying away, it's body chasing after it. I respect that not everyone wants my help, but if you're going to be an ass about it, I don't see why i should put up with you.

A short little story I wrote out to test the waters after not writing for a while.